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3:33 AM Paranormal is Christian-based paranormal team in the Washington, DC area. Our members are professional men and women devoted to assisting families and individuals experiencing hostile hauntings. Our members come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and volunteer time and skills such as Law Enforcement, Information Technology, Logistics, Medicine, and Historical Research. Each member brings unique skills and experience to the team. We combine the use of high tech equipment, spirituality, and our own senses when investigating the paranormal. We view each and every case with an open mind..

Our Mission

3:33am Paranormal Research was founded to assist those in need of help. Our primary goal is to help those being adversely effected by negative and potentially hostile demonic hauntings. All of our cases are handled with the client in mind. All locations will be kept confidential and the client's identity will be kept private. We understand how lonely and frightening it can be to have something unwanted around you with nowhere to turn. Every client is treated with special consideration and respect. 3:33 Am Paranormal is a non-profit organization. We never accept any form of monetary exchange for our services. All investigations are 100% free!

Symbolism Of 333

There are many meanings and symbolisms for the repetition of the number 3. Here are just a few:

Spiritual Symbolism

  • Sign of the trinity of the Catholic Faith - "Father, Son and the Holy Spirit"
  • Dead Time is at 3am
  • Everything we do in life comes back three fold, either good or bad.
  • You are completely surrounded, protected, loved and guided by the benevolent ascended masters. - Doreen Virtue

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is a participating group
of the Praesidium of Warriors of St. Michael Network

Our Services

We do perform house blessings, banishing and bindings however we cannot guarantee to rid your home of spirits or demons. We always strive to bring peace to homeowners. If we are unable to help in resolving the issues, we will strive to find external help for you. We have strict standards and follow a rigorous standard protocol when conducting our investigations. We will always behave in a professional and moral manner.

Our investigations are science based, however we do use spiritual methods along with scientific methods which we believe give us a better understanding of the paranormal. We review our evidence heavily and will 'debunk' situations onsite whenever possible.

Residential Locations

If you are interested in us performing an investigation in your home, please take a moment to answer following questionnaire. Be as detailed as possible so that we may be able to assist you better. No detail should be overlooked nor should anyone be ashamed to tell us. We are not here to judge you as we want to help you in the best way possible. One of our investigators will contact you for further details and to discuss if an investigation is necessary.

Museums, Hotels, Parks and Historical Attractions

We enjoy working with businesses and historical locations. We not only offer full-scale investigations but volunteer our services in coordinating events to attract more tourism to the site. We feel that when we are given permission to investigate your establishment, the favor is returned. A detailed report is given to each client that is presented in a professional manner that may be shared with your patrons. Two Cd's are given, one includes evidence and the other includes a presentation for your patrons to view. We are always happy to serve our community and give back as much as possible.

Link Exchange

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Paranormal Investigators do communicate with the dead to a certain extent. There are risks involved with what we do, no matter what type of protection methods we use. We still understand the risk that we take not only for ourselves but our families. Now there are certain methods that we use in order to lessen the chances of developing some sort of attachment or attack. A good director will train each investigator how to protect themselves and their families. Even with protection methods there are risk!!!


Although debunking is a very valuable assist to the paranormal field I have to ask myself if we have gone too far. After all we are supposable researching, right? How many of us so called paranormal researchers are actually doing research and following scientific protocol?

So...What is a Demon?  A Demon is a non-human entity that possesses self awareness, intelligence and has the intention of ill will, destruction oppression and rarely possession. Most misconceptions is that Christianity developed the concept of demons, which is 100% incorrect. Although the bible mentions demons, the concept pre-dates Christianity and spans through almost every religion known. 

Human Spirits

As we see many teams popping up each day we also see some major mistakes that many make. Most of these teams stumble into the field by being fans of television shows without actually having any education or proper training. One of the biggest mistakes is “making false promises.” You might wonder what I mean by making false promises. Well, many individuals seek our assistance in personal hauntings. Some teams claim to be able to rid a home or person of entities. The truth is you cannot make such promises. Although many shows will have some sort of ritual showing ways to cleanse a place, there are so many variables that go into what type of cleansing to do, if any. I want to address just a few of these things.

Lonely Child

Throughout the years, we have all heard tales of child spirits playing and frolicking around, unable to cross over to the other side. Many places have these tales of children that seem to be looking for someone to pay attention to them. As a sensitive and an inexperienced medium I still have many questions: why can they not cross over; are they truly children or something much more malevolent?

You are not alone out there¸ you do have someone to turn to. We are not here to judge you that is not within anyone’s right! We are here to help! We cannot make promises that we can rid your home of spirits or lower entities but we will help you to the best that we can!

For many paranormal investigators, we began this fascination during our childhood. Then we have Hollywood shows inspiring many new groups that seem to be popping up on a daily bases. With our minds so absorbed in what new location to hit, what event to sponsor or what new gadget to develop, we tend to forget how it is to live. I have been directing 3:33 Am for several years now and I know this downfall all too well. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the dead that sometimes we forget to live. When dealing with the spiritual world, living is vital to say the least and to maintain a healthy balance.

St Albans is very well known for being one of the most haunted location in Virginia. Now St Alban’s wants to spice up your curiosity even more to the world of the supernatural. For the past year we have been collecting haunted objects and oddities to bring one of the most interesting and unusual museums to Virginia.

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