Welcome to 3:33 AM Paranormal

3:33 AM Paranormal is Christian-based paranormal team in the Washington, DC area. Our members are professional men and women devoted to assisting families and individuals experiencing hostile hauntings. Our members come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and volunteer time and skills such as Law Enforcement, Information Technology, Logistics, Medicine, and Historical Research. Each member brings unique skills and experience to the team. We combine the use of high tech equipment, spirituality, and our own senses when investigating the paranormal. We view each and every case with an open mind..

Our Mission

3:33am Paranormal Research was founded to assist those in need of help. Our primary goal is to help those being adversely effected by negative and potentially hostile demonic hauntings. All of our cases are handled with the client in mind. All locations will be kept confidential and the client's identity will be kept private. We understand how lonely and frightening it can be to have something unwanted around you with nowhere to turn. Every client is treated with special consideration and respect. 3:33 Am Paranormal is a non-profit organization. We never accept any form of monetary exchange for our services. All investigations are 100% free!paranormalwarriors small3:33am Paranormal
is a participating group
of the Praesidium of Warriors of St. Michael Network

Our Services

We do perform house blessings, banishing and bindings however we cannot guarantee to rid your home of spirits or demons. We always strive to bring peace to homeowners. If we are unable to help in resolving the issues, we will strive to find external help for you. We have strict standards and follow a rigorous standard protocol when conducting our investigations. We will always behave in a professional and moral manner.

Our investigations are science based, however we do use spiritual methods along with scientific methods which we believe give us a better understanding of the paranormal. We review our evidence heavily and will 'debunk' situations onsite whenever possible.

Residential Locations

If you are interested in us performing an investigation in your home, please take a moment to answer following questionnaire. Be as detailed as possible so that we may be able to assist you better. No detail should be overlooked nor should anyone be ashamed to tell us. We are not here to judge you as we want to help you in the best way possible. One of our investigators will contact you for further details and to discuss if an investigation is necessary.

Museums, Hotels, Parks and Historical Attractions

We enjoy working with businesses and historical locations. We not only offer full-scale investigations but volunteer our services in coordinating events to attract more tourism to the site. We feel that when we are given permission to investigate your establishment, the favor is returned. A detailed report is given to each client that is presented in a professional manner that may be shared with your patrons. Two Cd's are given, one includes evidence and the other includes a presentation for your patrons to view. We are always happy to serve our community and give back as much as possible.

The R.I.P. Files - A New Paranormal Reality Show

Official Website: www.theripfiles.tv

The R.I.P. Files is a paranormal reality show that documents the adventures of the Research and Investigation of the Paranormal (R.I.P.) team, a different group of ghost hunters based in Washington, DC. The R.I.P. team conducts investigations at private residences, business locations, and historic sites.

R.I.P. started filming our investigations several years ago and created a TV show called The R.I.P. Files because we believed it was possible to provide paranormal entertainment that is 100% real. There are no staging crews and no fishing line used on our show. It's just us and two camera guys, plus a dynamite audio analyst off-site. We investigate new and genuinely haunted places that usually have not been seen on TV before. No more of the same old "ghost circuit" sites featured on other paranormal shows. Krystal Porras, Director of 3:33AM Paranormal, is also a member of the R.I.P. investigation team! Check out our Season 1 trailer!

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